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Dinosaurs have been popular since the first complete fossil went on display in New Jersey in 1868. One hundred years later robot dinosaurs were popularised in Japan and later North America.


AE engineers and constructs realistic and reliable dinosaurs suitable for the rigours of both travelling exhibits and permanent display in all weather conditions.

From the 1m long Triceratops baby through to the 18.5m long and 9.5m high Argentinasaurus, our dinosaurs have been exhibited throughout Australia and into South East Asia. 


We are continually adding to our stock. If we haven’t got what you want we can build it. 


Where ever you are in the world, if you are looking to hire or buy, safe and reliable, fire retarded, Australian Standard animatronics, contact us.

Tyrannosaurus Group - Perth Zoo
Stegosaurus - Coffs harbour
Edmontosaurus - Perth Zoo
Tyrannosaurus - Perth Zoo
Tyrannosaurus - Perth Zoo
Velociraptor - Melbourne
Tyrannosaur Hatchlings
Spinosaurus - Melbourne
Apatosaurus - Coffs Harbour
Baronyx - Perth Zoo
Dinosaurs Alive - Coffs Harbour
Ankylosaur - Adelaide Zoo
Tyrannosaurus - Adelaide Zoo
Tyrannosaurus - Adelaide Zoo
Ornotholestes - Perth Zoo
Spinosaurus - Perth Zoo
Dilophosaurus - Adelaide Zoo
Pteranodon - Perth
Triceratops Family
Stegosaurus - Adelaide
Tsintaosaurus - Perth
Apatosaurus - Perth Zoo
Baronyx - Perth Zoo
Parasorolophus - Perth Zoo
Nano Tyrannosaur - Perth Zoo
Ornotholestes - Museum and Arts Gall
Edomontsaurus - Perth Zoo
Muttaburrasaurus - Perth Zoo
Argentinosaurus - Perth Zoo
Tyrannosaurus - Perth Zoo
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