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We design and manufacture bespoke orders to supply your zoo, aquarium, theme park, shopping mall, theme park or attraction.

Working with our engineers & Palaeontologists ( or yours) we can build your project from the ground up.











Our animatronic skeletons are made with 304 stainless steel or aluminium. All parts are fully engineered, stress tested and designed for years of reliable service. We cooperate with paleontological research centres and universities to make sure we are designing with the most up to date data.

If it moves, we make it - from dinosaurs to dragons, mega fauna to monsters - we can replicate anything you can think of and some things you haven’t.

Our Doromornis Stirtoni  was built for the Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory based on detailed illustrations and specifications provided by Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory palaeontologist Dr Adam Yates.

Lisa Hatz Photography

Lisa Hatz Photography

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