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Our ten Extinct Australian mega fauna are from the Pleistocene, a period often referred to as the Ice Age.
In an exclusive License Agreement with the Flinders University Palaeontology Lab led by prof. Gavin Prideaux, we are creating a unique set of animatronic mega fauna based on the most up to date interpretation of fossil evidence.
 The exhibition includes an education program with links to ancient Indigenous storylines and rock art.
The exhibition of ten mega fauna and interpretive material travels in one x 40’ HC sea container.
Our Australian Mega Fauna
Common Name                          Scientific Name     
Giant Goanna                             Megalania
Giant Horned Tortoise                Ninjemys Oweni
Mihirung Bird                              Genyornis newtoni
Marsupial Rhino                         Diprotodon
Marsupial Hippo                         Zygomaturus
Giant Wombat                            Phascolonus Gigas
Giant Kangaroo                          Procoptodon
Marsupial Lion                            Thylacoleo
Rainbow Serpent                        Wonambi
Giant Crocodile                           Pallimnarchus       
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